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It Takes Two - Review

It Takes Two – Review

When I was a kid, I remember being able to play doubles in cooperative play was a great cause for ...

See the launch trailer for Harvest Moon: One World, already available!

Harvest Moon: One World – Review

Although Harvest Moon's original developer took off with the Northern Sun years ago, publisher Natsume continues to use the once-popular ...

Loop Hero - Review

Loop Hero – Review

In the video game industry, a fundamental problem has been dragged for years: not infrequently the satisfaction of feeling full, ...

Bravely Default II - Review

Bravely Default II – Review

Final Fantasy is subject to change. What started as a simple 8-bit JRPG has been developed in all directions. Each ...

Little Nightmares II - Review

Little Nightmares II – Review

Being small is scary. Surrounded by giants, incomprehensible, it is an incredibly overwhelming experience in itself with their language and ...

Bonkies - Review

Bonkies – Review

Collaborative games are often fun. Be it typical party titles or innovative games that pave the way for the co-op ...

The Medium - Review

The Medium – Review

What's up today? We're going to review The Medium. Ever since the Xbox series X came out, I've been kind ...

Hitman 3 was the biggest digital launch in the series

Hitman 3 – Review

What's up? Genvel here reviewing today, Hitman 3 on the Playstation 5. Now I need to begin this review with ...

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